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At Garrett LLC, safety is our #1 priority. We are a member of ISNetworld and PEC/Premier Safety Management, Inc., which is required by most oil & gas companies.  All of our drivers have undergone hours of certified training; one of which is H2S. The drivers have H2S monitors available to them when needed for a specific job site. We have an in house maintenance program that is designed to ensure our equipment will be in compliance with U.S. D.O.T. Motor Carrier Regulations for safe operations on the road.


At our pipeyard, safety is not a goal but a requirement and part of our culture. We are fully compliant with OSHA regulations, and are continually training for the imperative safety at our facility and yours. We are a member of the National Safety Committee, ISNetworld and PEC/Premier Safety Management, Inc.   We incorporate a thorough Drug Testing program that not only protects our employees but your product as well. Our operators must be certified and trained to operate any lifting equipment at Garrett LLC, assuring our customers that their products are handled, maintained and serviced appropriately.