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CDL Class "A" Truck Driver

Job Description

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Department: Operations

FLSA Status: Exempt

Report to: Transportation Manager

Summary: Transport, load/unload, and deliver a variety of flatbed freight.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities including but not limited to the following:

  • Provide prompt, efficient and reliable service which meets or exceeds customers’ expectations.
  • Operation of all equipment in compliance with all regulatory agencies and all safety standards established by the company and customers.
  • Load and unload at a variety of origins and destinations, including oilfield locations and travel irregular routes.
  • Must be able to schedule and plan travel times to meet specific loading and delivery requirements.
  • Operate equipment in such a manner so as to be in compliance with all regulatory agencies at all times.
  • Maintain operational safety, tidiness, cleanliness, security, and efficiency of assigned equipment.
  • Coordinate loading and delivery of cargo with dispatchers and customers.
  • Maintain and monitor vehicles and other equipment to assure sound operation and safety of all functions and report any deficiencies or defects.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Commercial Driver’s License (Class A), current D.O.T. physical card and good driving record.
  • Ability to drive safely and comfortably on congested urban roads in vehicles of up to 80,000# GVW with standard shift and air brakes.
  • Willingness to work outdoors in all weather conditions.
  • Knowledge of and willingness to adhere to all standard safety procedures and codes required in handling and transporting a variety of materials and performing work in accordance with recognized standards.
  • Must be willing to work weekends, evenings and/or holidays. Be available to be away from home for extended amounts of time.
  • Must be willing to and be on-call to take jobs at any time with little or no advanced notice. As well as overnight jobs requiring the use of a sleeper berth.
  • Must have the understanding and ability to haul over dimensional and overweight loads.
  • Must have the understanding and ability of how to properly secure a variety of loads with chains and boomers and/or straps as required.


Must be well-organized and able to work independently without close supervision and take initiative when
necessary, as well as be capable of working as a member of a team and in conjunction with others. Possess a
sense of ownership and pride in the performance of duties. And a service oriented approach and willingness to
make a meaningful contribution in a competitive industry. Must be quality focused, customer service oriented
and routinely able to communicate with peers and customers clearly and professionally. Required to maintain
a professional image at all times. Possess a high degree of honesty and integrity. Comply with grooming
requirements established by Garrett LLC regarding the length of hair and facial hair.

Physical Requirements:

  • Ability to lift or carry moderately heavy items from time to time. Possibly as much as 100 pounds.
  • Must be able to climb in and out of tractor and on and off trailer many times each day.
  • Must be able to bend, squat, and lift in performance of duties.
  • Driver must be willing and able to safely climb on loads to insure accurate measurements when necessary.
  • Must be able to drive for prolonged periods of time, within regulatory guidelines, on a daily basis.
  • Must be able to reach overhead to place cheater bar on binders and exert adequate downward force so as to properly secure the binder to the load.
  • Must be able to drive truck off road over rough terrain. (stringing line pipe)
  • Must be able to throw 20’ -5/16” (21#) and 20’ – 3/8” (30#) chains over loads that may be as much as 12’ in height.
  • Comply with grooming/facial hair policies to meet H2S requirements.

Other Requirements:

  • Must show and allow being photocopied current CDL and DOT physical card when requested. Must provide current address and phone number.
  • Submit to additional medical examinations when required by employer or DOT regulations.
  • Read and sign all requested releases to allow for proper background investigations.

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Important Information for Potential Drivers

Please fill out the following questionnaire and fax it to our business office at (405) 224-6554. The questionnaire is to make sure applicants meet the minimum requirements of the driver position. After having been reviewed by the department, you will receive either a phone call or an email response as to whether it is advisable to continue with the application process.

Please submit your completed application by:

Fax – (405) 224-6554 Mail – PO Box 186,
Amber, OK, 73004 In Person - 1338 CR 1270,
Amber, OK, 73004 Questions? - (405) 224-0274